Volvo PV 56
fully assembled in scale 1:87 (H0)

Volvo PV 56 1938–1945

The Prototype

 A new series of cars called PV53-56 was introduced in the autumn of 1938 and replaced the older models PV51-52. The new models had softer suspenstion, an improved steering as well as dashboard and interior updated compared to the older models. The cars were also fitted with a more modern front.
Produced versions:
PV53           base model, 1204 cars were built
PV54           base model with larger boot, 814 cars were built
PV55           de lux model, 286 cars were build
PV56           de lux model with larger boot, 1321 cars were built
During the war time years Volvo developed a wood gas generator. It was equiped with a single supporting wheel and thus could easily be trailed behind the car. The wood gas generator was used primarilly by the few civillians and enterprises that were allowed to use their cars. 

During WW2, the deliveries of new cars was dominated by a police version as well as a radio car for the army (later converted into a staff car). As both the police force and the army had access to petrol, no wood gas generator was needed.

The radio cars for the army had a long antenna mounted on top. The radio equipment was placed inside the car in front of the back seat (seen as a shadow in the picture). During transport he antenna was folded backwards but when standing still it was raised and stabilized to the ground or high trees thus giving the radio a much longer range. 

As the cars had limited movements in the terrain the radio equipment was removed after a very short period of time and the cars were used as staff cars. The cars were sold off by the army duing the 1950's. 

Specifikation of the model

  • The models are all limited editions fully assembled
  • There are four different models:
    • Black with wood gas generator,
    • Maroon (brown-red) with wood gas generator,
    • Police and
    • Military in camouflage painting.
  • The interior is painted in grey.
  • The steering wheel and the gear handle is etched.
  • Detailed dash board.
  • Extra details: whipers and outer mirrors.
  • The wood gas generator (not police and military mode) is painted in silver and may be removed. 

Police and military staff car.

Order and Payment

Volvo PV 56, black with wood gas generator380:-
Volvo PV 56, maroon with wood gas generator  380:-
Volvo PV 56, police version380:-
Volvo PV 56, military staff car380:-