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About Us

The Layout

Sales  NOTE – For the moment we are not able to deliver Rail road cars. Some parts are missing but has been ordered.

Contact Information

Location: Stockholm, Rosenlundsgatan 54, SE-118 63 STOCKHOLM

Chairman Anders Lundin

Secretary Hubert Österlund

Sales Department

The Stockholm Model Railway Club (Stockholms Modelljärnvägsklubb (or SMJ for short) was founded in 1938. The club is a non-profit organization and all work is done voluntarily and without any financial compensation. The layout is jointly owned by the members but all rolling stock belongs to the individual members.

Our H0-layout (1:87) represents a fictitious but plausible piece of Sweden (an area called Bergslagen) that is dominated by vast forests, mining and heavy industries based on iron and wood. The layout is showing Bergslagen as it looked like in the mid-1950:s, more precisely on one of the first days of the fall of 1955.

There is a private railway (Saxnora – Mohällarne Järnväg, SMJ) running from a harbour town (Mohällarne) to a railway junction (Farsarvet) where the private railway connects to the state railway (SJ). The private railway is a single track, non-electrified railway, the state railway is electrified and mostly double track. Steam and diesel rules on the private line but most trains on the state railway are hauled by electric locos or consists of EMU’s.

Operation is a key element of our club. The layout is designed for operation with various industries, a mine and a harbour as the centrepieces for the goods flows. At the junction, railway cars and passengers are interchanged between the state railway and the private line. Below the visible part of the layout there is a storage yard that represents ‘the rest of Sweden’ and allows us to let train enter and exit from the visible part of the layout.

Towns or villages are not represented in the real world. The names of all places on the layout is made up by us but they are plausible for places in Bergslagen. Our ambition is to have a prototype model (historic or existing) for all houses, factories, bridges and other constructions on the layout. Most of the buildings have their placings in the Bergslagen region. A few exceptions exists though.

The layout used to be a DC layout but was converted to DCC in the late 1990's. On the state railway line, we use the software Train Controller in combination with DCC to be able to run many trains in parallel with only one operator. The private line is still manually operated with station masters on each station and communication between the stations when dispatching trains.

Club evenings are Thursdays starting at 19.30 (7.30 PM). If you are visiting Stockholm and would like to visit our club, send an e-mail to the chairman or secretary (contact information below) to find out if something can be arranged.

To finance our business, the club produces and sell various items related to (model) railways like locomotive kits, car kits, books, railway colours, model cars and parts needed when building model railway equipment. If you are interested in any of these items, contact "FORSALJNING"  (i.e. Sales) below.
All our webpages (except this one) are in Swedish. Note that Google translates will allow the reader to do a basic translation. With many railway industry specific expressions in the texts, these will most likely end up in some peculiarities but it will give you a basic level insights about the club and what we do.

Order and Payment

Order sent by e-​mail to with the following data:

  • a list of the ordered articles
  • total amount for the ordered articles
    including the IBAN-​cost and the Post and Package cost (see below)
  • order refe­rence
  • name and address for deli­very
  • signa­ture of the orderer.

Payment should be transferred to SMJ Bank account via IBAN

  • IBAN:  SE 93 5000 0000 0528 6330 1772
  • BIC (Swift): ESSESESS
  • Give the name of the orderer as a refe­rence.
Postage and Package within EU in SEK
(otherwise contact Sales Department by e-mail)
Sweden Europa
IBAN-​payment + 10:-
Kit car 1 40:- 54:-
Car ready-​made 1 40:- 54:-
Kit railway wagon 2  54:- 75:-
1 If included with other articles use the higher postage.
2 Per order of max 6 items.
  • For Post and Package for more than a single article as well as
    books in Swedish and the SMJ-​DVD please send an e-​mail to